Wash, Rinse, Repeat

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     New Retro Wave’s music videos feature 1980s images from popular television shows and obscure, movie scenes. As viewers engage, flashed with yesteryear’s fashion gallery, the synth-pop sound subliminally ingrains fans with ideas of polo shirts, sunglasses, jams, Bangle bracelets, sweater wraps and other “keen gear.” Do some on-line shopping and discover retailers have dressed models in what might appear to be a-little-over-thirty-years-ago overstock. Visit a local skate park, and the regulars may be wearing what closely resembles those old-school Nike high tops.

 It has been said that fashion dictates everything. Clothing trends are also cyclical. Both the ’60s and ’70s resurfaced aesthetically—the ’80s look has been on repeat longer than other trend. While society’s living in the new millennium, nobody’s dressed like “The Jetsons”—or anything completely new. Most are sporting clothing articles that look more like refurbished threads from Kelly Kapowski’s and/or Zack Morris’s closet. 

Psychologically, humans are comfortable with familiarity—especially those who make the decisions. Therefore, they gravitate toward fashion they’ve seen multiple times. Unfortunately, until a courageous, creative, willful mind can break free...the cycle will continue—with some deviation and/or variation. 



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