Dementia Village: An Incredible Town Built Entirely For People With Dementia!

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In most countries, Dementia patients are locked away in nursing homes and hospitals but not in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease live in a town that has been specially created for them to accommodate their needs. Check out the photos and video below.

Hogeweyk, a town outside Amsterdam, sponsored by government-funded company, consists of 150 residents who live in 23 homes and stretches over 3 acres. They have access to a supermarket, cafe, hardware store, salon, restaurant and theatre. Not to mention dedicated therapy, outpatient care facilities, as well as caregivers that help them with housework.

According to the Atlantic, “Residents are cared for by 250 full- and part-time geriatric nurses and specialists, who wander the town and hold a myriad of occupations in the village, like cashiers, grocery-store attendees, and post-office clerks. Finances are often one of the trickier life skills for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients to retain, which is why Hogewey takes it out of the equation; everything is included with the family’s payment plan, and there is no currency exchanged within the confines of the village”

Hogeweyk supermarket

The plan of the town

The design of the homes is very homely and classy

The elderly are being cared for by professional staff that also helps with housework

Who else thinks that more countries should do this?

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