Photographer Takes Photo Of Cop And Teen Who Never Met. Then He Looks Closely And Sees It…

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We encounter strangers everyday and even though the age-old advice "don't talk to strangers" still applies to this day and age we can't become hermits who completely avoid strangers. Contrary to popular belief, most strangers aren't psychopaths who are plotting to kill you.

Sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone and engage with a stranger because that stranger may just be the best person you've ever met and this is what Richard Renaldi, a New York-based photographer is trying to prove. He, started a beautiful photo project he called, “Touching Strangers”. Using his large format 8×10 view camera, he has collected more than 150 photos of unlikely couples and pairs since 2007.

As he walks and explores the busy streets of New York, he randomly asks complete strangers whether they would be willing to post with another stranger in a photo concept. The strangers appear as real family or friends.

In some of his shots, strangers pose face-to-face or side-to-side, always with a body or hand contact. With that, it makes it hard for a viewer to determine whether they are anything but family or friends.

In a realm where tragic things happen on a daily basis, photographs like that of Renaldi’s remind humanity the need for a true connection – physical contact.

This is really creative and even though I'm not 100% motivated to engage with every single stranger I see it's definitely something to think about. I mean, if you didn't know they were strangers you may have actually thought that the people were family or friends.

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