She Spent Weeks Preparing For Prom, But Her School Denied Her Entry Because Of One Thing…

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Prom is huge in high school and many students take it very seriously, spending weeks maybe even months preparing for it. It’s an opportunity for girls to dress up and look ‘fancy’ and fabulous for one unforgettable night with friends.

For Amy Steverson, prom was supposed to be the highlight of the year. After finding and buying the perfect dress, she was ready for the big dance. However, she was stopped at the door and denied entry by chaperones at the dance.

Why? Because they thought her dress was ‘too revealing.’

One mother, Tiffani Taylor, saw this happen to poor Amy, and she was absolutely disgusted. She was angry on Amy’s behalf, and she took to Facebook to post her thoughts. She calls the situation a complete “embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her.” Tiffani states Amy was denied entry and was “shamed for having breasts.”

Amy’s parents are currently not filing any complaints against the school. They have noted that there was a wardrobe malfunction between when they took photos and arrived at the venue. The dress was more revealing than what the photo shows.

Do you think Amy’s dress is too revealing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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