Stepdad Sold His Precious Car To Pay For Wedding. Years Later, Daughter Surprises Him With Same Car

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Money can't buy love but, REAL TALK ---- love can be expensive sometimes. If you love someone, at some point in time you may find it necessary to become legally bound to that person by getting married. And even though some people go for small, cheap weddings, others prefer the moment to be grand and lavish.

A man by the name of Dave went as far as selling his 1973 Porsche 914 which was his prized possession, in order to pay for his wedding.

Dave broke the car down into multiple parts, and sold them separately. To him, it was completely worth the trade-off. He parted with his beloved car, but in turn, received a lifelong companion whom he loves unconditionally.

After hearing this story, Kristin Russel, Dave's stepdaughter, was touched. She loved her stepfather, and she wanted to do something special for him for Father’s Day.

In the video below, Kristin surprises her stepfather with a special gift. She spent the last two years looking for car that’s very similar to the 1973 Porsche 914 that her stepfather gave up. The video shows Kristin bringing Dave outside to show him the gift.

At first, Dave doesn’t even realize the car is his. Finally, Kristin shouts “It’s yours!” Dave, shocked and stunned, is filled with excitement and joy, and he embraces his stepdaughter in a touching and precious moment.

What a wonderful surprise!

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