WATCH: Boy Is Bullied Because He's Wearing His Mother's Old Shoes - 13-Year-Old Gives Her New Shoes To Him

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13-year-old Shaylynn was celebrating her thirteenth birthday when she did something that completely surprised Mom.

Shaylynn saw 11-year-old Richard sitting alone across the street after he was bullied because of the shoes on his feet – they were his Mom’s 8-year-old Nikes. The shoes were coming apart at the seams, but it was the only pair of sneakers his family could afford. Richard just wanted to play basketball, but the boys broke him with all their teasing and mean remarks.

Heartbroken and touched by what had happened to Richard, Shaylynn went to her closet and picked out a red box. She then marched out of the house and headed Richard’s way. Her mother, Jacquelyn, filmed the entire event, and she was stunned by what Shaylynn did.

Shaylynn handed the red box to Richard. What’s inside is absolutely touching, and it’s the reason this story is going viral! Watch the video below to see what Shaylynn gave Richard.

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