Mom Films Little Sister Waiting For Brother To Come Home, Footage Is Going Viral

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It's the Ellis family's favorite part of the day. Big brother Jaxon gets home every day at the same time, and when little sister Cecillia sees the bus coming, she starts jumping up and down because she knows what time it is. The snapshots that mom took each day at the bus stop will be enough to put a huge smile on your face. This might just be the cutest brother and sister duo you've ever seen!

Watch Cecillia run toward the bus in her adorable pink rain boots. She spreads out her arms and just waits. Jaxon knows that this event will happen every day, and he has never tired of it. Instead, he appreciates a smile from someone who is truly happy to see him.

There is no one who can cheer up Cecillia better than Jaxon. Mom calls him "Mr. Fix It" because she knows that it will only take Cecillia a moment before Jaxon has her smiling again. Mom, Casey, thanks viewers for their caring comments stating how this cute duo has made their day. They just might make yours, too!



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