After A Few Drinks Woman Decides To Call Uber Home, Finds Note On Her Car In The Morning

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Driving drunk is probably one the most selfish acts a human can perform because it endangers, not only the life of the drunk driver but also safe drivers and pedestrians. In fact, there are roughly 10,000 drinking and driving deaths each year in the United States alone.

Every single one of these deaths could be avoided if drivers acted like one responsible woman who did the right thing after a night on the town with her husband....

Paula Grzelak-Schultz and her husband were enjoying a fun date night at the Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar in Sherwood Park, Alberta - the drinks were flowing, the food was delicious and it was the night out they had hoped for!

But when the evening came to a close, they were left with an important choice. They could either drive home while having alcohol in their systems, or they could call a taxi.

Acting responsibly, Paula and her husband decided to leave her car in the Original Joe's parking lot overnight and request an Uber instead. They weren't going to put any lives at risk just for the sake of getting Paula's car home!

It was when Paula came back to retrieve the car from the parking lot that she found something that caught her completely off guard.

When Paula returned to her car several days later, she discovered the following note placed on her front windshield:

"Dear Original Joe's Sherwood Park Guest,

Just wanted to thank you for leaving your car parked overnight. I'm not sure if you had consumed alcohol at our restaurant or not, but we wanted to thank you for not drinking and driving. Enclosed is voucher good for 1lb of our delicious chicken wings. Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible. Life is valuable, have a great weekend.

Jay McLean

Managing Partner"

Instead of penalizing her for leaving her car in their parking lot, Mr. McLean, the managing partner, thanked Paula for doing the right thing!

I don't know if anyone from Original Joe's is reading this but I want to personally thank them for not penalizing Paula and her husband for leaving their car overnight. Paula and her husband did the grown up thing by not drinking and driving and Original Joe's reciprocated the action.

Oftentimes, people are concerned about getting tickets, booted or towed for leaving their cars overnight after an evening of drinking. That concern is a huge factor behind why people chose to drink and drive, instead of just calling a taxi or requesting an Uber, like Paula and her husband.

This effort to punish safe drivers is something we, as a society, should aim to stop. Instead we should thank people for making the right choice and keeping the roads safe!



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