New Colorado Initiative Seeks To Lower The Drinking Age To 18

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     Of all the 50, free states in North America, Colorado is certainly the commander in terms of turning over a new leaf—no, not that kind... Two Rockies-state radicals burgeoned a ballot initiative to lower the legal, drinking age to 18. (...wonder how serious the state will take them upon taking note of the typo in the first, few lines?)

[Graphic: Daniel Essrow]

“If you can go serve in the military and get killed, why shouldn’t you be able to drink a beer?” 24-year-old-Denverite Cody Tamez said. Tamez may be a kid, but he owns his own moving company and is proudly listed as a proponent on the initiative. According to Tamez, they’re trying to make it part of the 2018 ballot.

“Eighteen in ’18”—anyone, anyone? Even better—“Kinderbier Next Year”? How about it?

In a phone interview, Tamez added the US is far behind in terms of beer consumption. Out of the 190 countries, the USA is one of 12 to mandate an MLDA (minimum, legal, drinking age) of 21. Additionally, he explained the countries with lower MLDAs have fewer issues than America in terms of teenage drinking. Tamez’s two years in Germany availed his evidence.

Oddly, until the mid-’80s, 18 was the legal age for ingesting alcohol in the Centennia State. It wasn’t until 1984 that the federal government landed a law linking highway funds to an MLDA of 21. Once that nail cut into the coffin, it was almost impossible for any state to contest the alcohol-consumption clause.

[President Ronald Reagan signing the drinking-age law | Source:]

Tamez believes the benefits of this amendment to be huge. Since seven states have revised and legalized recreational-marijuana laws, to feel the effects..., tourists might turn toward other states. This proposal could promote popularity... “If more 18, 19 and 20-year-olds came here for drinking vacations, Colorado businesses might make bank,” he added.

But don’t bet on this effort appearing in the ballot. It’s anything but easy to enact an initiative in Colorado—and the hoop’s flames are being fanned. When it comes to non-affluent activists, like Tamez and teammate James Leamon, their effort(s) may as well be a bust.

However, they continue their cause for Colorado to make another mark in (mash) history.



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