Creative Gifts For The Craft Beer Lovers In Your Life

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The best gifts are the ones that show your loved ones that you know who they are and what they like. Luckily, it's easy to give those gifts to the craft beer lovers in your life.

Beer Cap Map

Give the craft beer lovers you know a Beer Cap Map. It's full of cap-sized holes, so craft beer lovers can showcase their favorite craft brews from all across the country.

Craft Beer Glass Set

The true connoisseur needs the Connoisseur Glass Set. Spiegelau makes a set of four glasses that are designed to bring out the best in craft beer.


Not only does it exist, it's really, really fun. The social craft beer drinker needs this game more than they know.

Don't Forget the Pets

When craft beer lovers also love their pets, give them food from Barley Labs and similar companies. Operating out of Durham, NC, Barley Labs makes natural dog treats using recycled grains from brewers. 

Toast to the Holidays

Will you be drinking craft beer at holiday parties this year? Share your best beer gift ideas when you share this story on Facebook!



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