Canadian Song: “Hey, United States, We Have Stronger Beer!”

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     The next you’re out at the bar, check the juke box for this funny song by Canadian-artist Tim Hicks. A friend and fellow foamer forwarded it to us. Apparently, it needs to be known Canada has stronger beer.

[Video: courtesy of Tim Hicks]

But Hicks’ little diddly does have the digits to back it up. According to the counts, Canada’s average ABV is indeed slightly stronger than the United States’. “In Canada, the average, ‘normal’ beer has just a slightly higher alcohol content than American beer, with a range of 4.0% to 6.1% alcohol by volume (ABV) as compared to America’s 4.1% to 5.9% ABV.” While numbers don’t lie, it’s not like their mashes top ours by much.

However, the US and Canada get creamed in the ABV-accolades Olympics when compared to countries such as Belgium, Germany and Scotland. Ales in those areas have intense ABV levels. When acquiring imports from Belgium (the beast master of beers), be ready to battle with brews such as De Struise Brouwers, Quadrupel and Imperial Stout ranging from 22% to 39% ABV. Germany jumps higher with their wicked Eisbrock ales ascending from 27% to more than 60% ABV. While Scotland’s sauce count is low, they’ve the biggest bang in a single beer—Armageddon at 65% ABV. Let’s see those curling Canucks top that!

Canada may slightly kick America’s ass with their ale, but Europe yells, “First place!” at suds strength. But no matter what, on our shared continent, the US is still at the wheel of economics and entertainment everybody enjoys—’nuf said.



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