Eighty-Two-Year-Old year Woman Says She Wants To Prove She “Can Still Run And Chug Beer At The Same Time” In Her Third Beer Mile

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     There are folks out there who can still run like the wind and overcome the contemporary human’s capacity for laziness. Additionally, an elite few are bestowed an iron stomach capable of containing copious amounts of ale while the aforementioned—the beer mile. There’s even one sudsy speedster who’s still doing it at the wise age of 82!

[Montes in the midst of a beer mile | Source: FloTrack.org]

El Paso, Texas, local Elvira Montes is one of the elite eight who exercised their ass off to tackle the tap track in the 69-and-older category. This Friday’s FloTrack Beer Mile World Championship will be her third year. She’s the oldest person to finish the foam-n-flash festival. Montes holds the record of 20:24.

How does Elvira endure...? Exercise is her key component, as she has competed in the Boston Athletic Association’s 5K—five times since turning 60! Montes has even mashed it up by killing Coors Lights while on a treadmill—in addition to some Scotch each week.

“I go to my doctors and they say, ‘Nothing is wrong with you; you’re okay,’” Montes said in an interview. “‘When is your next run?’ That’s what they say instead of saying you’re sick, or you need medication. I don’t need medication. My medication is Scotch.”

She does her Scotch in the form of Chivas. Actually, Montes would be more stoked on a Scotch mile. Elvira doesn’t even imbibe on beer. More, her running regimen has been only for the last, 20 years. But nothing has ever kept her from competing.

[Photo: FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships]

All Elvira’s ale excitement started three years ago—her daughter’s, Renee, idea. Renee requested her mother to travel from El Paso to Austin—FloTrack central—so they could run the race together. Much to Renee’s shock (and probably chagrin), her mother’s a much better masher dasher than she.

“I said, ‘Well, I’ll try. I don’t know if I’ll finish, but I’ll try,’” Montes explained. “And I did finish, and I did good. And then the second time [Renee] said, ‘Come on, Mom, you’ll be all over the world if you win again.’ So I tried it again, and I won again.”

While Montes has been all over the media, the race is all about family for her—limited talks to the press. To celebrate last year’s success, Montes met up with her family at the El Paso Hooters. Her fan base of 50 (mostly family) got wild with wings and Scotch—the choice of champions.

After Friday’s flash foaming, Montes might not have many more of these in her—but she’s definitely focused. Elvira’s ready to ingest Oskar Blues—the beer accompanying this year’s bolting. Even if Friday’s outcome differs from the ones before, Elvira has already won in the sense of showing everyone that age is not an issue...

“I’m just proving that I can still do it,” Montes said. “I can still run and chug beer at the same time.”



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