Photo of this Army wife at a wedding is going viral for controversial reason

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If you've ever handled a baby before then you should know that they get hungry pretty quickly and when they do, they can be very....."demanding". But thankfully, mothers were naturally outfitted with a pair of milk factories attached to their chests.

They are usually a mom's go-to source for natural milk but it is apparently frowned upon when done in public and army wife Naomi Covert witnessed that firsthand.

A photo of covert breastfeeding her son a wedding went viral on Instagram and re-ignited the controversial topic. She is German and the wedding took place in Germany, where breastfeeding in public is not an issue. "It's literally like you're eating a snack right now or you're drinking your coffee," Covert said. "My grandma breastfed. My mom breastfed. I have five siblings and she breastfed all of us... they're my role models."

Covert, whose American husband is currently deployed with the U. S. Army, admits that she was a little hurt by the rude comments on the photo, but firmly states, "I'm not doing anything wrong."

In the United States, nursing in public is still a controversial issue, despite the fact that 49 states, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia all have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.



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