Mom Is Suspicious Of Son, Then Finds Receipt That Immediately Forces Her To Call The Cops

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Any good mother will tell you that sometimes observation is the key to parenting. There will always be things that your children won't tell you but if you look closely you can see a lot.

When Lakesha saw her son playing on a cell phone that she didn't buy for him, she decided to investigate. She asked him about it and he immediately tried to shrug it off saying that a friend gave it to him. Red flags instantly popped in her mind. First was the phone, then other items were found. Mom was already suspicious of her son, but it wasn't until she saw the receipt that she made the decision to call the cops.

 When she found out who the real owner of the keys and wallet were, she was in contact with him for more information. He explained to her that the items were stolen from his truck and his credit cards were used at both fast food places and the store. No one could know the way her heart must have dropped with this news.

Still only wanting to do what's best for her son, she decided to take care of things the right away so that he would learn his lesson. While he is still in his teen years, she is hoping he will change his ways before he is old enough for more severe punishment to take place if this were to happen again. 



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