This Dad Found A Way To Work Parenting Into His Free Time


Parents often get in a tiff over finding time to do everything they’d like to do—but they’ve parental responsibilities. Well, we’ve good news for the nuptials with wee ones. Take some pages from this dad’s play book. Not only does Andrew Schrock do his duty as a dad, he also found a way to slip his kid into his skateboarding time.

[Video: courtesy of Andrew Schrock]

By skateboarding with is son, Shrock can do tricks and teach at the same time! It’s bonus batter, as they probably woke up early to get the whole park to themselves. Additionally, a father-son skateboarding session enables skater dads to stay fresh on the latest finds in the bearing-wheeled world.

As a skateboard himself, Andrew knows new riders need a lot of encouragement, so he’s an instant pro at imparting this skill onto his son. More, this industry’s all about art, as the bottom of a board’s always illustrated with an often-pro-skater-inspired masterpiece. Schrock’s covering multiple, cultural mediums at once—this kid’ll be well-rounded in no time!

And moms can kick back on the learning-how-to-dress detail, as skateboarding’s fueled by fashion too. They’re always up on the latest trends—often the origins of clothing designs.

Even more, skateboarding builds endurance levels—tricks take time to master. If Schrock’s son stays on the grip-taped toy, he’ll develop patience to use in other aspects of his life. (And his son will be practically impervious to pain, as falling’s part of the practice. Sorry, moms; but this is one of those blessing-in-disguise parts of mastering the marvel that is skateboarding.)

The biggest draw of this is the bonding experiences Schrock and his son are accruing—so important. Fathers are an integral element to a kid’s coming of age—moms too (balance).

Whether you’re seasoned skater, a fun-loving football player, an astute academic or a model-building buff—whatever your hobby may be—try to structure a strategy allowing you to implement your ankle biter into the equation. You won’t regret it...



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