Starbucks To Stop Selling Beer And Wine At More Than 400 US Stores, As Its “Evenings” Program Ends

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     In the chance you’ve been one of the lucky few to experience the “Evenings” program at Starbucks, the situation’s shortly to become a sad day as it’s all coming to an end.

[Source: BarstoolSports]

Yes, as of January 10th, the Melvillian-monikered coffee company will be washing away their “Starbucks Evenings” program. They first dangled this ale effort in 2010 in their Seattle-based stores—a way to continue the sales wave rolling past the morning rush. In addition to offering alcohol, the evening menu entailed treats such as bacon-wrapped dates—a perfect pairing for a moonlight-ale outing.

Starbucks is (probably) sorry to say they’re nipping all but nine sauce-slinging stores in the bud—only licensed stores or possibly overseas (what?)—as they’d planned on “thousands” of stores serving sauce in 2014. But don’t fret...the beer and wine will be in bulk at their high-end retail formats—e.g., Roastery stores.



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