Hairy Husband Gets His First Shave In 20 Years. When Wife Sees His Face, She Loses It!

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Most women love a man with a good beard but there always comes a time when it's time to go clean shaven. I know there are some guys reading this saying that a real man doesn't go clean shaven, however, when you haven't shaved in 20 years that debate becomes negligible. 

Sometimes you just got to strip your face naked.

In one episode of the Rachael Ray Show, Rachael invited her guests who were promoting their show called American Barber. Along with them came this dude that looks like part biker part majestic hillbilly and it was obvious his style was in desperate need of some attention. Long greasy hair and that beard had to go. When you see him after his makeover you won’t be able to believe it.



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