NYC Restaurant Serves $2,000 Pie Covered in 24K, Edible Gold!

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     Of all America’s favorite food, pizza’s probably up on the top five—if not number one. Just about anyone can make a pie, as it’s cheap and simple to prepare—or is it? That’s only if the Industry Kitchen’s not in on the ingredients. Yes, this NYC-based nosh spot serves pizza priced at $2,000—and it’s topped with edible, 24K-gold “leaves.”

[Source: Town&Country]

In addition to these illustrious leaves, this pizza’s packed with white, stilton cheese, foie gras, Ossetra caviar and truffles. This South Street Seaport District dining house was erected to attract folks in the neighboring Financial District. Industry Kitchen’s cooking up for the elegant and elite, as wealthy patrons pop in from around the world.

“The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you,” Executive Chef Braulio Bunay said in an interview. While it’s one of the most expensive pieces of palatable property around, they’ve made a millionaire’s meal in the “form of a pizza, [which] makes it more approachable.”

“The people get in shock because they never see in one dish all these special ingredients,” Braulio added. “It’s very expensive, and it’s delicious.”

[Video: courtesy of Insider at the Industry Kitchen]



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