Which US Cities Have The Most Microbreweries Per Capita?

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     With more breweries and brewpubs running than any other point in the past century, the US is the epicenter of the global craft-beer revolution. American, craft breweries availed 22 million barrels of beer total! So which city can be called America’s craft-beer capital? The impulsive guess would probably be Portland, Oregon. The nation’s Hipster hub has burgeoned 68 microbreweries, building a roaring reputation—the Athens of ale.

[Source: SeriousEats]

But when it comes to the number of breweries per 100,000 people, west-coast Portland pours less than Portland, Maine. Yes, the east coast is actually America’s king of craft. The northeast city has 17 microbreweries that cater to just under 67,000 people—equivalent to 25.5 breweries for every 100,000 people. Boulder (21.9), Colorado, takes the silver, sauce medal and Asheville (21.6), North Carolina, comes in third.

While it may disappoint some drinkers, the more popularly known Portland takes a sluggish sixth place overall—11 microbreweries for every 100,000 folks.

[Source: Statista]



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