This Honest And Powerful Post About Stay-At-Home-Moms is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons!

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Last year, a tattoo artist named Ryshell Castleberry from Port Richey, FL, shared a very honest post on her Facebook page. Her touching post highlights the struggles of stay-at-home-mothers and how their hard work gets unnoticed in most cases. Castleberry’s post went viral overnight with over 300,000 shares and 600,000 likes. Her message not only resonates with women, but also men who appreciated her efforts to share such a powerful message.

Among hundreds of positive comments and messages from people, there were negatives statements too, mostly from working women who stated that ‘they take care of their family and home while working full time’.

This post is a massive eye-opener for everyone and teaches us to be appreciative and grateful for mothers, both full time workers and stay-at-home-moms, for their immense hard work and dedication towards their families and home. 

Check out her full message below.

Castleberry’s message starts with a straightforward conversation between a psychologist and a man who talks about his stay-at-home wife who according to him ‘doesn’t do anything because she doesn’t have a job’.

Some people added to the message by commenting positive things about moms.

And there were some dismissive comments by working moms, too. 

Some comments highlighted the efforts of stay-at-home daddies too. 

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