Firestone Is Putting Their Vintage Series Brews In Smaller Bottles

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...And that means you can drink a lot more of them at a time, right?

New Bottles

According to beer industry buzz, there are some changes coming to a popular brewery. Firestone’s entire Proprietor's Vintage Series line of brews will be put in smaller bottles for 2017, with the first beer in the line scheduled for release in early February.

Bravo barrel-aged imperial brown ale, a brand-new beer, will be coming to 12-ounce bottles soon. Parabola, normally sold in 22-ounce bottles, will also be released in the new 12-ounce design. 

Vintage Series

In addition to Bravo and Parabole, the Proprietor's Vintage Series includes Stickee Monkee, Velvet Merkin, Helldorado and Twenty. Sucaba, an ABV English barleywine which debuted with the series in 2008, will not be released this year. Bravo will be released instead. It will be distributed across the country beginning in the second week of February.

Does Size Matter?

Many beer consumers admit they find no difference in taste when it comes to bottles sizes -- a 22 ounce beer is just as tasty as any 12 ounce beer. So what's the advantage? Some say smaller bottles store more easily and can be consumed more quickly, so they won't get as hot as a 22 ounce beer. 

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