Sierra Nevada Beers Are Being Recalled In 36 States Due To Bottle Flaw

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After discovering a flaw in some glass bottles used for their beer, Sierra Nevada has issued a voluntary recall of brews in 36 states.

Bottled Danger

The bottles in question were used in Sierra Nevada's North Carolina breweries in December and January. And while the company estimates that only 1 in every 10,000 bottles are likely to be affected by the flaw, they've issued a blanket voluntary recall just the same.

The glass bottles have a flaw in them that causes a small piece from the top to break off and fall inside the bottle...which, yes, sounds incredibly terrifying. So far, they haven't received any complaints of people actually being hurt by the bottles.

Recall Warning

The recall affects several Sierra Nevada beers that come in 12-ounce sizes. Be wary of Pale Ale, Camp Golden IPA, Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, Nooner, Tropical Torpedo, Hop Hunter, Torpedo Extra IPA and Otra Vez. All consumers who purchased these beers would be best advised not to drink them. You can return them for a refund.

What Now?

So, what if you've already been drinking these beers? Sierra Nevada issued a list of warning signs for these bogus bottles. Did you notice any beer leaking from around the top of the bottle before it was opened? Did you notice that the top rim of the bottle was broken or uneven? Was the beer flat, as though it had lost its carbonation? All these could be signs that you consumed one of these flawed beers. If you have reason to believe that you have consumed glass, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Be on the lookout for these breaking bottles, and share this story to warn all your friends about the recall.



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