Amanda Cohen’s Great Canadian Beer Hall, 25-Year-Old Novecento Closes, New Dessert Places Everywhere And More...!

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     Among the many who came together at the recent Women’s March, chefs and staff alike joined in on the efforts. Notable, New York restaurateurs April Bloomfield and Mario Batali took a stand for women everywhere.

[Source/Courtesy of Instagram/April Bloomfield]

In addition to Amanda Cohen recently hosting The Great Canadian Beer Hall at Dirt Candy (86 Allen St.)—a celebrated spot for the Great White North—there are plenty of non-political parties happening all over NYC. Cohen herself reminds us, “No matter how scary the world gets, Canada will always be there for you, America.” But they’re not the only ones offering eats and ale.

Patisserie Chanson’s opening very soon in the Flatiron—20 W. 23rd to be exact. London-native Rory Macdonald, Hakkason’s former pastry chef, hung up his hat only to trade it in for a bigger one at this upscale eater. Chanson’s offers pastries, lunch, afternoon tea (by day), cocktails, Champagne and “an elevated-dessert dining experience” in the lower-level lounge during evenings. Breads range from sourdough to cheddar onion to apply thyme brioche. Take out that sweet tooth and try bon bons, eclairs and macarons—but not before their sandwiches, salads and toasts (be proper, ha)!

Kick it down to the Lower East Side’s Happy Ending, as they’re now slinging sushi—Olympic track-athlete Michael Stember’s serving it up Tuesdays through Saturdays (what)! Stember’s Sushi Belly Tower has trimmed itself down—i.e., Belly. But know that it’s a teaser to his forthcoming Poke Run, LLC—opening at 342 Bowery.

Don’t leave the LES yet, as there’s New Territories to be discovered. Peter Mie and George Tang have assembled a menu entailing Hong Kong-style waffle cones and a mighty Instagram-friendly milkshake they call Unicorn Parade.

Open since 1991, Argentine restaurant Novecento (located at 343 W. Broadway) has closed. However, they still have US hubs in Miami—as well as spots in Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.

And to give you some sweet ideas for the week, Chef Garry Larduinat prepares a luscious tart...

[Video: courtesty of Eater]



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