According to scientists, the more you hang out with mom, the longer she’ll live

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Most of us love our moms and want them to live forever and ever!! But life doesn't work that way. At some point in time we will have to say goodbye to her. It's just a sad reality of life.

However, according to science, the length of time your mom naturally stays alive is actually dependent on you.

A study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco has found that adequate companionship can help extend and improve the quality of life for the elderly.

The study was conducted in a group of 1,600 adults with the average age of 71. Through the study, it was found that the adults who were lonely consistently held higher mortality rates than those who were not lonely. While isolation and being lonely can take a toll on anyone, the study found that it hits extra hard the older we get.

More or less, the older you are, the more you need these companionships in order to thrive.

And this is where senior homes can actually be bebeficial because it provides a place for the elderly to make friends. As a person ages, their social circle inevitably gets smaller and smaller. In group settings like this, it’s much easier to mingle, connect, and thrive.

Befriending an older person isn’t just beneficial for them though.

“You bring a lot more experience to your friendships when you’re older,” says Rosemary Bliezner, a professor of human development at Virginia Tech. “You know what’s worth fighting about and what’s not worth fighting about.”

Never leave an older relative of yours alone because it can possibly shorten their life. So amidst your busy schedule why not stop by ever so often and say hi? It can be beneficial both to you and to the elderly folk.



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