Hilarious Kids Try Tea From All Around The World - It Goes About As Well As You'd Expect

RealClear Staff


Putting the "T" back in "disgusTing".

Tea is, hands down, one of the most delicious beverages in the entire world. Green, black, chai, you really can't go wrong! Throw in a bit of milk, maybe a nice cookie, and a book? Forget about it. It's not just for our British friends across the pond!

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though the average American child shares my views on the perfection that is tea. In fact, they seem to downright seem to hate most of it, even bubble tea. How can you hate bubble tea!? The only thing these kids seems to actually enjoy is the straw that comes with it. Kids really can be entertained by anything.

They may not be loving the tea, but we're certainly loving their reactions to it! Some of these blends may be the most disgusting thing these kids have ever tried, but at least it makes for some hilarious moments for the rest of us!


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