This 109-Year-Old Cigar-Smoking, Whiskey-Drinking Veteran Is More Lively Than Ever - Find Out His Secret To A Happy Life!

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He even drives better than most 20-somethings I know!

Richard Overton is a fascinating man. Actually, that doesn't do him enough justice. Richard Overton is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Overton has lived a truly storied life; he's been around to experience pretty much every major event of the past century, after all! A veteran of World War II, Overton has also lived through the Great Depression, the Cold War, and even the rise of the Internet - and he's been smoking a daily cigar every step of the way!

As of this year, Richard Overton can add "Film star" to his impressive resume. Filmmakers Matt Cooper, Rocky Conly, and John Halecky decided to tell the world about Overton's amazing life in their new short film, 'Mr. Overton' which is currently being featured on National Geographic.

The film, available below, is guaranteed to make you smile!


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