Who Needs Valentine's Day? Feb. 15 Is SAD: Single Awareness Day

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In 2014, there were nearly 125 million single adults living in the U.S. So isn't it only fair that they, too, get their own day?

Feb. 14

The happily married and those in relationships have totally taken over Feb. 14. They exchange cards and candy, they flock to restaurants and movie theaters, they fill up the TV with advertising aimed toward them. And frankly, it's all a little sickening for all the millions of people who AREN'T married or in relationships. So to heck with Feb. 14. Singles have taken Feb. 15 for themselves.

Feb. 15

Singles Awareness Day, SAD for short, is celebrated with friends instead of lovers. Singles also spend SAD celebrating themselves. Buy yourself a box of chocolates or jewelry on this day -- because that crap is totally going to be on sale, anyway. 

Since the majority of all adults living in the U.S. are now single, maybe Singles Awareness Day will soon beat out that other holiday as February's most popular celebration.

Be Aware of Singles

Single on Valentine's Day? Good! Now, you can have all sorts of fun celebrating Singles Awareness Day instead. Because really, who needs another teddy bear holding a heart anyway?

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