This Brewery Uses $20,000 Trees To Craft Your Beer

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You'll find Heroica Brewery in Jundiai, Brazil, and you'll find them using a very expensive ingredient to make their craft beer stand out.


Heroica beers are made with barley, hops, yeast and of course, Japanese bonsai trees. Some recipes contain tree branches that cost more than $20,000. That's some pretty fancy craft beer.

It all started with a homebrewing kit, as so many craft beer stories do. RenatoBocabello, a well-known bonsai master living in Brazil, gave his brother-in-law a homebrewing kit. The brother-in-law, Lucas Domingues, started to experiment with using bonsai in his beer recipes. 

Heroica Brewery

This is how Kuromatsu Kamikaze IPA was created, and Heroica Brewery was born. Since Bocabello prunes more than 400 bonsai a year, there are plenty of branches for his brother-in-law's brewery to experiment with. The trees he tends are part of a gift brought to Brazil in 1912 by Japanese immigrants aboard the Itsukishima-maru.

Crafting Beer and Bonsai

There is an art to growing bonsai trees. Aging the trees can take hundreds of years. It takes a little less time to brew a great craft beer...depending on the ingredients you use.

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