AleSmith To Offer Speedway Stout In Single-Serving Cans

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     It’s a victorious time for those who’ve always rooted for Russian, imperial stout to come in a can. That’s right—now, the powerful 12-percent-ABV porter can be toted in tin. Props go to San Diego-based Alesmith. Their signature Speedway Stout’s available in a 16-ounce black beauty of a can.


By the end of February, this self-serving stout will be available in 21 states—AZ, CA, CT, IL, MA, ME, MI, MN, NC, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, TX, VA, VT and WA. Denmark will see signs...mid-March.

“Speedway Stout is a classic and has been one of our best-selling beers for more than a decade,” Alesmith Brewing Co. Owner/CEO Peter Zien said. “Enjoyed by many on tap or shared with friends from our 750ml bottles, we’re excited to bring that same, intense-chocolate, roasted-malt flavor, and dark appearance to single-serving cans.”

Usually, IPAs and pale ales kick it in can form. And while most stouts get the glass container, Speedway’s not the only aler to can their stout—there are some exceptions:

Even More Jesus (Evil Twin)—$15 per four pack.
Ten Fidy (Oskar Blues)—$18 per four pack.
Barney Flats (Anderson Valley)—you’ll have to scout that one out.


If you’re still in the dark on Speedway Stout, brace yourself for an opaque-black pour and a velvety-mocha head. Alesmith founder Peter Zien pretty much nailed it on the taste—dark chocolate, roasted malts and coffee.

Cans have common-sense advantages including low-to-no-risk portability (no glass to sweat) and expedient ingestion (shotgunning). If you’ve footage of some entertaining 16-ounce Speedway Stout shotgun action, link us in the comments below.



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