This Brewery Is Putting An Ancient Twist On Craft Beer

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Those ancient Egyptians really knew how to party! Who knew?

We've had thousands of years to perfect beer, so you'd think that modern brews would taste significantly better than whatever they were creating all those years ago, right? You might be surprised! According to beer archeologist (Yes, that's a real job. Yes, we want it too.) Travis Rupp, many people are shocked when they try centuries-old recipes that he partners with a local brewery to create.

Though ancient beers generally have a lower alcohol content than their modern counterparts, their unique taste and flavor is unmatched. Those pharaohs really knew their stuff after all!

Ancient Egypt isn't the only tie period that Rupp focuses on. He's currently researching and creating a Viking brew that can be traced back a full 1,100 years. I know that I'll be lining up to try that one! How about you? Any beers throughout history that you've been dying to try? Who knows; thanks to beer archeologists all over the world, that may become a reality in the very near future


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