Yes, Size DOES Matter -- At Least, It Does With Beer

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The suds you're drinking are really only as good as the glasses you're putting them in.

Choose Your Glass

How important is your beer glass? Some breweries actually design the glass before crafting a recipe to put in it. The shape of the glass affects foam, aroma and taste. So, are you using the right glasses for your beer?

Drinking beer out of a champagne flute can make you feel fancy, but it can also bring out the best qualities in certain beers. Flutes are ideal for beers because it prevents loss of carbonation, and enhances the natural aroma. Bock, Weizenbock and American Wild Ale beer styles are ideally suited to champagne flutes.

It's always a good time to drink beer out of a goblet. They're actually designed to maintain a foam head, a feat which is achieved through scoring along the inside of the bottom of the glass. This scoring creates a stream of bubbles that insures a perfect beer head. Several types of beers are best-suited to being put in a goblet, including Belgian IPA and Berliner Weissbier.

A tall, tapered pilsner glass isn't just made for pilsner beer. It's also perfect for lagers. Drink Dopplebock, light lager and American pale lager in pilsner glasses to maintain a good foam head. 

Sometimes, the best glass for your beer is a wine glass. As strange as it sounds, a 22 ounce wine glass is perfect for many Belgian Ales and farmhouse ales. The large size provides good headspace, and the glass shape enhances the aroma. Watch the video to know more about beer glasses, and how to drink from the right one.

Have a Drink

So the next time you pour a beer for yourself or a friend, make sure you’re using the right glass. Share this story, and pass along the knowledge! 



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