Who Is Smarter, Boys Or Girls? Does The Battle Of The Brains Finally Have A Winner?

RealClear Staff


Male and female brains might just be more different than you thought!

The stereotype that men are smarter than women has existed for longer than anyone can remember. However while men actually have larger brains, on average, than women, that has virtually nothing to do with intelligence! After all, are humans being ruled over by whales and elephants?

So where do our smarts truly lie? Well, due to the increased number of folds in a typical human female brain, their brains have a higher surface area and thus more room room to store information. Plus, they' have more nerve connections between the two opposite hemispheres of their brains! That being said, these advantages are slight, and significant intelligence differences don't seem to actually exist between the sexes.

So what's with the stereotype that men are smarter? You may be surprised to learn that it has everything to do with society and culture, and little to do with the make up of your brain. Watch below to find out more!


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