Klingon Imperial Porter, The First Of 3 New 'Star Trek' Beers, Is Coming Soon

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Because today is always a good day to drink craft beer. 

Klingon Imperial Porter

Shmaltz Brewing, under licensing supplied by CBS, will release three "Star Trek" craft beers in 2017. The first is Klingon Imperial Porter, which will come in 6 different flavored malts that pay homage to the spirit of battle...and beer brewing, of course.

Drink Like a Klingon

Klingon Imperial Porter will be available in 4-packs in 35 states across the U.S. Some bars will also have the new beer on tap. Klingon Imperial Porter is brewed with ruby undertones, not unlike Klingon bloodwine. 

This Shmaltz For You

Shmaltz is based in San Francisco, and the brewery has won medals at the World Beer Championships in the last few years. Previously, Shmaltz released two Golden Anniversary ales in honor of "Star Trek" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TV series that began the franchise.

Trek On

Trek fans are sure to appreciate the labeling for the new brew: Klingon Imperial Porter is wrapped in packaging that shows a Klingon Bird of Prey hurtling through space at warp speed. The symbol of the Klingon Empire is wrapped around the neck of the bottles. 

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