Mom, 26, Collapses On Facebook Live -- Viewers Do Nothing For 30 Minutes As Her Son Screams

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The devastated family members can't understand why the thousands of live viewers did nothing to attempt to help the dying woman.

Facebook Live

Keiana Herndon was streaming a Facebook Live video with her youngest child under the watchful eyes of several viewers. She was singing, a favorite hobby, when the 26-year-old mother collapsed on the floor. 

In the video, the young mother of two could be heard laboring to breathe. Her son began to scream in terror as he watched his mother. Meanwhile, more Facebook viewers tuned in to the live stream. 

Horror Show

“The views went from two or three to too many.” - Keiana’s uncle Jeffrey. 

This went on for 30 minutes -- the struggle to breathe, the child's screams, the increase in viewers. And yet no one using the social media site made an attempt to get help for Keiana. According to one news report, thousands of people watched Keiana take her last breath.

A friend found her on the floor of her home at that point and turned off the phone recording the video. Keiana was rushed to the hospital, where she passed away. An autopsy will be performed, but Keiana's family said she had a history of thyroid problems.


“Nobody did anything,” Keiana’s father Richard Herndon, pictured top right with Keiana and her two children.

If you see something dangerous or potentially life threatening on social media, do you know what to do? In the case of any medical emergency, whether it is physically happening close to you or you are seeing it on a live stream, call 911 immediately and give them all the information you have -- even if it is very little. First responders in your area have the ability to quickly contact other jurisdictions in order to provide help to someone even if they are far away physically. Take immediate action if you see any dangerous situations unfolding, and alert your own local authorities as quickly as you can. Who knows? You may end up saving a life.

Please share this tragic story, and remember that sometimes making a phone call can be the difference between life and death.



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