6 Tackiest Reality TV Shows from New Jersey

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Reality shows are so common now, they have almost taken over regular TV programming. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), many of these shows come from the tiny state of New Jersey.

The Sopranos, the accents, the gaudy fashions, the larger-than-life personalities make the Garden State a special and perfect place to shoot reality television shows.

From Snooki to the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, here are 6 of the tackiest New Jersey reality shows!

6. 'Jersey Couture'

'Jersey Couture' is a show on Oxygen that follows the Scali family as they run their dress boutique, Diane & Co.

The Scali family (aka "Jersey's First Family of Fashion") reveal how their tight-knit family manages to live and work together, while running their glamorous, glitzy, and crazy dress shop.

5. 'Jersey Bell'

'Jersey Bell,' is a Bravo show that is about Jersey-born, Alabama-residing publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan- it is a classic "fish-out-of-water" tale.

The series marries 2 reality show trends: the New Jersey reality show mania and the newer group of reality shows set in the American South.

Sullivan is just a Jersey girl trying to get back to her roots!

4. 'Cake Boss'

'Cake Boss' is one of many cake and dessert-themed reality TV shows that are on the air today.

The show follows the operations of Carlo's Bakery, an Italian American family business in Hoboken, New Jersey that is owned and operated by siblings Buddy Valastro (the 'Cake Boss'), Lisa Valastro, Maddalena Castano, Grace Faugno and Mary Sciarrone.

The show is so popular it has spawned 2 spin-off series, 'Next Great Baker' and 'Kitchen Boss.'

3. 'Jerseylicious'

'Jerseylicious' was on the now defunct Style Network, and it chronicled the lives and melodrama of 6 stylists who worked at salons located in Jersey.

It's New Jersey glamour, big hair, and drama at its finest. It's Jerseylicious!

2. 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'

You can't talk about New Jersey shows, and not mention 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' one of the most infamous reality shows out there.

Like all 'Real Housewives' franchises, the series follows a group of women and the drama they get into, but the Jersey housewives have a twist— they are all related in one way or another, and they are all Italian-American.

The cast has been shook up a few times now that it is in its 6th season. Just recently, longtime cast members Teresa and Joe Guidice were sentenced to federal prison, and will (most likely) have to leave the show.

1. 'Jersey Shore'

You have to be living under a rock on the moon to not know about 'Jersey Shore.' It is literally MTV's most watched television series ever.

'Jersey Shore' put 8 strangers in a house down at the Jersey Shore, and let the antics unfold. Alcohol, guidos, GTL (gym, tan, laundry), and eccentric characters made this show a worldwide sensation.

This show not only gave us the gifts of Snooki (Nicole Polizzi), DJ Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio), and 'The Situation' (Michael Sorrentino), but it also gave us a whole new language spoken by the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes of the East Coast.

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