10 GIFs Prove Jim & Pam Are The Perfect Couple

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Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert from 'The Office' stole the hearts of America. The classic will they/won't they played out for nearly 5 years on the sitcom before the ultimate couple finally got together.

It has been over a year since 'The Office' went off the air, but it will never leave our hearts.

Here are ways why Jim and Pam are, and will always be the most perfect couple.

10. In the beginning, there was co-worker high fives

They didn't know they were destined for true love.

9. Pam drunk kisses Jim at the Dundies

Pam is forever banned from Chili's Restaurants after this incident. Plus, she was still engaged to Roy at the time!

8. The bonds of friendship continue between PB & J

That's Pam Beesly and Jim to you.

7. They finally go out on a real date

It only took them 5 years, look at how happy Pam is!

6. He knew he was gonna put a ring on it during the first week of dating

He didn't propose that first week, though. 

5. Jim proposes at a gas station

Because he just couldn't wait any longer!

4. They find out they're having a baby!

So sweet, Jim even cries!

3. The most perfectly imperfect wedding happens at Niagara Falls

The choreographed dancing down the aisle, the secret boat ceremony, the hijinks = Perfection!

2. The little Halpert family continues to grow...

Pam, Jim, and baby Cece share bonding moment at The Office.

1. In the end, there was marriage high fives & happiness!

Jim and Pam live happily ever after with their 2 children. Awwww!

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