This Store Pulled A 'Rings' Prank On Unsuspecting Shoppers And It Was Horrifying!

RealClear Staff


What would you have done in this scary situation!?

I've never been a fan of The Ring. The last thing that I want to be scared of is my best friend, a.k.a. my television. The sooner I can erase the idea of a murderous teenage girl climbing out of my TV, the better. Unfortunately for my horror-averse friends and I, with the advent of things like 4K television, smart phones and tablets, the franchise seemed ripe for a modern reboot that has the potential to be more horrifying than ever - and that's exactly what's happening!

Rings, the latest entry in this series of horror films, looks to be more frightening than any of its predecessors, and this marketing campaign by Paramount Pictures is here to remind you of that! They actually had "Samara" climb out of a fake TV screen to scare these completely unaware shoppers, and their reactions are absolutely priceless.

Could you imagine seeing this in a store? There would have been a massive wet spot where I'd been standing, that much I can promise you!


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