NYC Brewer's 'Slave' Beer Causes Racism Backlash, Controversy


Heartland Brewery, of New York City, NY, is in hot water over a slogan that evokes slavery.

The brewery's Bavarian Black Lager promises customers will become “a slave to the flavor," which some say is in bad taste since the beer is called, 'Black Lager.' The supposedly racist undertones of the slogan were lost on the beerhouse, which insists that it was never intended to reflect race at all.

The Heartland Brewery posted a picture (below) to their facebook page which shows a dominatrix holding a whip and a submissive man with a pint of beer balanced on his bottom to prove the inspiration for the “slave” reference was something very different.

"So good, you'll be a slave to the flavor."

Joe Bloostein, owner of Heartland Brewery, said the "slave" reference, clearly refers to the master-slave S&M scene on the glass. "Connecting the word 'black' in Bavarian Black Lager to black people is incredibly farfetched," Bloostein said. "Alleging any connection to racism is ridiculous."

According to both black and white employees of the brewery, no one has complained about it before, and the beer – and its slogan – has been on the menu for 15 years.



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