When Her Parents Saw Her Drawings, They Called The Police. Leads To Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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When kids are growing up arts and crafts are a great way to get them to express themselves. Parents love to hang up their children's drawings and creations. Sometimes, however, when they are little, they can express things in their drawings that they verbally cannot express. It is a common activity for child psychologists to use with their young patients.

Especially when it is something the child may be embarrassed to talk about out loud. A 5-year-old girl living in Brazil drew something that horrified her parents when they found it. The little girl drew the family’s priest assaulting and violating her.

The priest in question is 54-year-old Father Joao da Silva. The little girl’s father immediately confronted the sick man about what his daughter was accusing him of. The ‘Priest’ admitted that he had been using the little girl for his own sick pleasure.

This all unfolded after the little girls parents took her to a child psychologist because they were worried about her behaviour. They felt she was showing some worry signs but were unsure of what they indicated. Unfortunately, their intuition about their daughter proved to be spot on.

The little girl used to go to Father da Silva’s English classes. It got to the point where she refused to keep going to these classes but would not articulate to her parents exactly why. Like most parents, they thought maybe she just didn’t want to go class but decided to pursue why she really didn’t just in case.

The psychologist told the parents to go through the little girl's room to see if they could find evidence of anything noteworthy. After searching through their daughter's things, the 5-year-old's parents found the horrific and sad drawings between the pages of one of the little girl's books.

The drawings made it clear what the little one was going through at the hands of that monster disguised as a priest. The image shows a larger man hovering over a small child. It also depicts a small girl on a bed or desk, and even the older man doing inappropriate things to the child. 6 of these drawings were found in total. Thanks to the evidence and the mans confession, he is already in custody and awaiting trial over the child abuse allegations.

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