Amazing Molten Aluminum Anthill Art Creates Controversy

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Started solely out of interest, the owner of began pouring molten aluminum down anthills simply to see what would happen. The result was an interesting sculpture of the colonies that lie below the ground.

Recently, one of his videos depicting the process has gone viral and is causing quite the controversy. His Facebook page has been inundated with critics concerned for the safety of the ants (apparently if they’re still in there, they get boiled alive). 

Laments one user:

Your video and art made me first sick to my stomach and then made me so angry…These are innocent creatures with amazing colonies which took them who knows how long to build.


The creator has fired back though, saying that many of the colonies belong to fire ants.

There are so many of them and I need to kill them anyway, with kids and pets around. …they’re an invasive species and they wreak havoc.


Seems like a debate that could go on for a while. In the meantime, maybe the ants on his property should start running for different hills.

How to Create Controversial Molten Aluminum Anthill Art



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