Demonic Possession in Gary, Indiana?

Posted: 1/27/2014 2:43:17 EST

Pictured: A painting by Goya of Saint Francis Borgia (not to be confused with Assisi or Xavier) performing an exorcism.

The Indianapolis Star has published an amazing, several thousand word piece detailing a child services case in Gary, Indiana involving demonic possession. From the moment Latoya Ammons moved into her new home, she felt that it was cursed by demons. Soon her children were speaking in tongues and walking up walls in front of medical professionals, police were photographing ghosts in her basement with their iPhones, and a priest was being summoned for an exorcism. All of it is astounding. All of it is so well documented by not only neighbors, but a nurse, a doctor, a child services professional, and numerous police officers as to be truly unsettling.

Read it all here.



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