9 Worst Items to Order at Fast Food Restaurants (According to Redditors)

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A clever Reddit user posed the question: “Fast food workers of Reddit, what should we NOT order at your restaurant? Why not?”

The response was overwhelming from those claiming to be former and current fast food workers, with over 3,000 comments on some of the most disgusting foods from America's favorite fast food restaurants.

Whether all of these claims are true or not, it will certainly give anyone pause before pulling up to that drive-thru window anytime soon!

Click "Next" to see the 9 menu items these Reddit fast food workers confessed they would never order...

9. Fish Sandwich- Burger King

The Reddit post revealed,

"You had 4 vats of oil that you cooked fries in. After about 2 days, the oil got too dark for fries. So we switched it over to the ones for chicken. Since it was darker, it was ok. Then that goes on for a week. After a week of massive frying. The oil is black as motor oil. At that point, it’s switched to the Fish Filet vat. That’s the only thing you cook in that vat.”

8. McRib- McDonald's

Foodbeast reports on the McRib,

"Hopefully, most people are aware by now that the McRib contains an ingredient that is often found in yoga matsThe McRib consists of a restructured pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles. Despite its name, the McRib is made from lower-valued meat trimmings, such as heart, stomach, and tongue."


7. Chili- Wendy's

Fox News reported, 

“The meat comes from hamburger patties that sat on the grill too long to serve to customers. They take them and put them in a bin and then throw them in the fridge. When the chili is made they take it out, boil it, chop it up, and dump them in the chili.”

6. Beans & Steak- Taco Bell

Reddit user said,

“I worked at Taco Bell a little bit ago and I warn everyone to stay away from both the beans, and the steak. The beans start out looking like cat food, and the directions are, ‘Add water and stir until you can’t see white anymore.’

The steak was just the worst on dish duty. If it would sit too long it would become like hair gel. It was the worst.”

5. Slurpee- 7-Eleven

Reddit user on the slushy treats, "The amount of mold in those Slurpee machines would crush your childhood to a pulp.”

4. BBQ Sandwich- KFC

Another Reddit user said, 

“Worked at KFC for 4 years. The BBQ sandwich is actually made from chicken too old and stale to give to the homeless shelters, so they soak it in BBQ sauce until it can be pulled and then they keep it on the heater for a month.”

3. Seafood Salad- Subway

A Reddit user said,

"It [seafood salad] was made by taking imitation crab meat and mixing it in with a giant tub of mayo. When making the sandwich the thing would come out slathered in mayo. Might as well just have ordered a mayonnaise sandwich.” 

2. Quesarito- Chipotle

The quesarito is on this list not because it is gross or prepared badly, but because of the complex process and headache it takes to make it.

A Chipotle employee confirms,

"Do NOT order this. It backs up the line like no other. If it's not busy, you're fine but PLEASE do not order a quesarito during our peak hours. Employees will hate you. The people behind you in line will hate you. Everyone will hate you. There's nothing wrong with it health/sanitation wise, but too few people order it for our damned managers to rearrange and optimize our food line for quesarito production."

1. Pizza- Pizza Hut

Yes, the pizza is the worst thing to order at Pizza Hut, yikes!

An actual Pizza Hut manager explains,

"Our dough is processed, frozen discs that we handle WITHOUT gloves. When I say handle without gloves, I mean handle without washing hands. We also spray them with non-stick spray and oil the hell out of them. After that, we proof them and top them, again, with our bare hands, (probably dirty). Sometimes the dough will be really old, 4-5 days at the max where it gets all shriveled and sinks down into the pan. Oh, and our breadstick and pizza sauce are pretty much tomato paste in a plastic bag that we mixed with water.”

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