Forget Happy Meals - McDonald's Debuts 'Bat' Menu in Hong Kong

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Be jealous, America!  McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong, China now serve a special Batman burger and cheese fries.

According to FoodBeast:

"As part of a Justice League "Superhero Meal" promotion, McDonald's Hong Kong released a commercial featuring the caped crusader and his "Dark Knight"-themed menu items.

The Diner Double Beef Batman Burger and Squeezy Cheese Fries are the new items featured in the video. They're both encased in heroic Batman-shaped boxes.

The Batman Burger is essentially a double cheeseburger with a fried egg added to it. The Squeezy Cheese Fries are just cheese fries, but they're in a Batman box!"

The Double Beef Batman Burger & Squeezy Cheese Fries

See for yourself:



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