16 Embarrassing 80s Halloween Costumes We All Wore

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The 1980s were a golden age for being a parent around Halloween. Gone were the days of making a costume from scratch. As these pictures prove, everybody had a cheap, store-bought plastic costume. 

I remember them looking a heck of a lot cooler than this. Yikes.

Spidey and Wonder Woman

You remove that magic markered spider on the chest and that kid's ready to rob banks. 

But still, bonus points to the parents who made a homemade Spider-Man costume. As we'll see further down, the store bought ones weren't so hot. 

Chewie and Yoda

The biggest and most perplexing costume trend in the 80s: A giant illustration on the child's chest that looks exactly like the mask. Really hammers home the authenticity.

Proof Positive

An entire classroom filled with cheapo plastic Halloween costumes. 

All of them seem pretty standard except for the kid in the front row. That blonde bearded mask looks like either the Nordic Jerry Garcia or a younger version of his teacher.

Donny Osmond

Your punishment for waiting until October 30 to buy a costume from K-Mart.


Of all the cheapy costumes, this might actually be the best. It actually looks sorta like Spider-Man as opposed to a plastic rain poncho.

Ed Grimley

Speaking of the rain poncho look. 

Actually, that might be a plastic tablecloth with Martin Short's face on it. 

Scaredy Cat

Bravo. You might just be the only kid to actually look cute in one of these. Might be because you are sporting the uber-obscure "Scaredy Cat" costume. 


Cool and the Gang

This Spider-Man took the rain poncho joke to a whole new level. 

Group Shot

Seriously, you have twin He-Mans, why wouldn't you stand them next to one another? 

I Kind of Want that NOW

You have to assume there was a plastic construction worker, a policeman and a chief roaming the streets looking for one another. 

Take Your Pick

You had to feel bad for the kid in the Luke Skywalker getup. All the others are pretty cool, but Luke looks like a recycled Timmy from Lassie mask. 

Mr. Spock

He had the ability to put a Vulcan death grip on any plastic costume on the block. 

Frankenstein and Elvira

Also file these under: Giant illustration of the mask on your chest just to make a point.


I really wish they made those in grown-up sizes today.


That mask looks shockingly accurate. Bonus points for sure. 

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

The 80s were a golden age of Dungeons and Dragons play and apparently loosely based cheap costumes for kids too young to play the game.

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