19 Vintage Halloween Photos are the Stuff of Nightmares

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Ever wonder where Halloween got such a spooky reputation? Kids run around in cute costumes before it gets dark with mom and dad closely in tow. Big deal. 

Well, apparently, Halloween used to be a whole lot spookier. Best we can tell is that back when people made their own costumes they turned out a whole lot more frightening than anything storebought. 

19. Don't Look Behind the Mask

18. Crazy Eyes

17. Those Two Boys Will Rob You Blind

16. Oh No, The Wendy's Girl is a Kidnapper

15. Rabbits and a Gnome and a Lifetime of Nightmares

14. Never Trust a Pumpkin

13. The Bag-Heads

12. No, YOU Tell the Cat to Get Off the Car

11. Bag-Heads Pt. 2

10. Clearly, the Inspiration for Batman's Scarecrow Character

9. Oompa Loompas from Hell

8. Scared of Clowns? You are now.

7. Hell's Angels

6. Don't Look Directly at the Short One on the Right

5. The Faceless Ladies

4. The Bunny Gang

3. "Mom, I want to be Satan for Halloween, ok?"

2. Kind of Reminds You of the End of 'The Shining'

1. Best Buddies, Worst Dreams

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