11 Bizarre Booze Flavors That Actually Exist

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Alcohol, especially vodka, nowadays comes in so many crazy flavors, forms, and combinations, it is almost impossible to keep up with the growing trend. From  breakfast foods, to spicy peppers, to fish, there is an alcohol flavor for nearly everything under the sun.

Previously, we brought you 12 Totally Odd Liquors from Around the World, and now we are back to bring more bizarre vodka flavors to tempt your taste buds!

11. Jalapeno

This jalapeno vodka is super spicy, and perfect for a Bloody Mary with a kick!

10. Bubble Gum

Bubble gum in booze form! This sweet flavored vodka really does taste exactly like a big, pink piece of old-fashioned bubble gum!

9. Sriracha

Everyone's new favorite hot sauce, Sriracha, is now available in vodka!
It really is that red of color in person, and is another great addition to a Bloody Mary!

8. Basil

Apparently the kitchen spice cabinet and herb garden is the new inspiration for liquor makers.

7. Buttered Popcorn

If you thought buttered popcorn jelly beans were the worst use of buttered popcorn flavor, you were wrong!

6. Wasabi

Like sushi? Like vodka? Why not try some wasabi flavored vodka the next time you indulge in some tuna rolls?

5. Cilantro

Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs, but the only thing cilantro vodka could be tasty in is a salty or savory cocktail. Right?

4. Scorpion

Yes, you read that correctly. SCORPION "flavored" vodka. It is regular 5 times distilled vodka with a real, edible scorpion inside the bottle.

3. Fresh Cut Grass

The smell of fresh cut grass is a wonderful thing. But the boozy taste of fresh cut grass? No thank you!

2. Hemp Seed

Officially called, "Purgatory Hemp Seed Spirits," this vodka is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. THC not included.

1. Tobacco & Menthol Tobacco

Made by IVANABITCH Flavored Vodka, the tobacco and menthol tobacco vodkas lets you drink your cigarettes instead of smoking them. They are nicotine free too!

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