9 Brilliant Ways Taco Bell is Winning at Twitter

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Taco Bell has built an incredibly strong social media presence — their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are all fabulous and hilarious. 

Their Twitter is particularly amazing, and one of the best corporate Twitter accounts out there. They even won the Ad Age’s coveted Marketer of the Year Award for 2013.

Here are reasons why Taco Bell is absolutely winning at Twitter!

9. They Know Their Target Demographic Very Well

Anyone who went to college knows the importance of a drunk Taco Bell run.

8. And They Love Them

Say what you will, Taco Bell loves and appreciates their fans.

7. Taco Bell is Hilarious

No comment.

6. They Are Hardcore Ballers

Players are gonna play, haters are gonna hate.

5. Taco Bell is a Fan of 'Mean Girls'

Who doesn't love a good Mean Girls quote? They are always appropriate.

4. They REALLY Love 'Mean Girls'

I mean really, Karen. 

3. Taco Bell Proposed to Model Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and singer John Legend's wife.

2. They Owned Old Spice

Come on, Old Spice, that wasn't even very clever.

1. Taco Bell Drops Serious Truth Bombs

Even fast food taco restaurants know that life isn't fair.

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