10 Truly Weird Christmas Gifts from Blake Lively's 'Preserve' Website

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Earlier this year, we brought you 5 Unusual Items to Purchase from 'Preserve,' which is actress Blake Lively's lifestyle website Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop.

Now that it is the busy holiday season, Preserve has come up with an equally unusual gift guide so you can shop for your loved ones. Some of the gifts on the site are very nice and unique, while some are just downright puzzling. 

Here are the weirdest and most random items from that list to buy (or not)!

1. Mr. Squid Holiday Ornament- $16

A squid. In a Christmas ornament. A squid.

2. Reverse Raven Trench Cloak- $1,350

Nothing says Christmas like a Native American cloak that costs over a grand!

3. Dreaming Oil- $27

"A serenading melody in every drop."

4. Crystal Bowl- $615

While this bowl is beautiful, I don't know why it costs over $500.

5. Bison Picture- $32

For the bison lover in your family!

6. Legs Jewelry Dish- $32

A set of legs to hang your rings on is quite humorous, I would actually buy it!

7. Olga Teepee- $325

This teepee can be fun for all ages, I guess?

8. Preserve Pixie Rag Doll- $150

Parents, please don't spend $150 on this creepy rag doll. Please!

9. Homemade Gin Kit

Make your own gin at home from vodka, no bathtub required!

10. Deer Head Cake Topper- $34

A cake topper for all the stylish outdoorsmen in your life!

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