16 Shocking Makeup Artists That Went Horribly Wrong

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They Say, "Less is More" for a Reason...

Be glad you aren't on the end of these makeup "artist's" brushes!

1. Exhibit A

2. She nailed that creepy doll look

3. Bad makeup is the least of Lindsay's troubles

4. Ditto to Amanda Bynes

5. Tyra Banks, is that you?

6. Super intense Chola liner

7. Men have makeup problems too!

8. That is NOT a color that occurs in nature

9. Poor Kelly O is looking pretty jaundice

10. I think she misplaced her eyebrows

11. This woman is the face of Versace. Literally. Yikes!

12. So. Much. To. Look. At.

13. That is a suspicious amount of white powder...

14. They got Angelina Jolie too!

15. This will give people nightmares

16. Of course Mimi is on this list!

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