21 Painfully Pretentious People Posting To Social Media

RealClear Staff


They're better than you, and they know it!

Where do you go to flaunt your intelligence? Why, Facebook of course!

1. This music snob.

2. This self-quoter.

3. Are you saying people DON'T write poetry in the club?

4. Things to never say; "I don't mean to sound conceited, but..."

5. "I'm not arrogant, but..."

6. "As a member of MENSA..."

7. In layman's terms, please stop speaking.

8. The rest of us worry as well.

9. Always correct your professors, kids. They LOVE that.

10. Finally, blue has cracked the code.

11. Guess who got a thesaurus for Christmas?

12. Pretentious and misogynistic. What a combo.

13. "Brilliant, misunderstood young males on the Internet? Finally somebody gets me!"

14. "I'm so much smarter than you!" - every 17-year-old ever.

15. I, too, believe that life can only be described as "epilepsy test".

16. A simple "No" would have sufficed.

17. Yeah, you plebeian. Listen up!

18. I'll bet that she married him right then and there.

19. Isn't being trapped in modernism the worst?

20. There is only one way to deal with these types of people...

21. Thank you. You're doing the Lord's work.

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